Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been tagged!

Well, as most people know, I like to be busy almost all of the time and Marnie tagged me! What this means is as I sit here copying paperwork(and trying not to scream waiting for the doctor to call with the CORRECT paperwork!), I'll do my duty. Being tagged means I have to write 8 interesting facts about myself. I'm not sure how interesting I am, but here it goes.
1. I have 2 college degrees. The first one is in psychology and marketing (and I proudly drank myself through that one). The second--which I worked my ass off for--is in nursing. I also worked 2 jobs (equal to full-time) plus went to school full-time, in order to do it.

2. I never thought I would marry. In fact, when I met Ted, I was getting nursing experience so I could move down south and live. I just wanted a date for my sister's wedding. Then one cold December night (Dec. 20 to be exact), I met Ted and 11 years later (9 married), here we are!

3. I never visualized myself pregnant--always saw myself as a mother but never pregnant. Hummm, here I am with 2, soon to be three children later--never pregnant, but a mom nontheless.

4. I am scared to death of flying. However, I am more scared of being 70 years old and regretting not having a family(or living in fear)--hence I pray alot before during and as we land when I'm in a plane.

Humm, this is hard. I'm really not that interesting, but I'm halfway through the copying. Ok, let me see what else I can think up.

5. I LOVE being a nurse, particularly peds/craniofacial nursing. Now those of you that know me are probably saying well no kidding. But I went into nursing because my dad talked me into it. Obviously he was a wise man. But I went into nursing so I could live independently (see #2). And I avoided anything with kids like the plague! Then I met Julia--who changed my life around and got me interested in children and clefts. Then along came Rauan. Then a patient in dialysis who I really liked, died suddenly. Enough was enough and a job opened in little peds. I grabbed it with both hands and never let go. And I have an awesome manager who encouraged me to talk to the craniofacial surgeon and get more experience. The rest is history!

6. I hate to clean house. I really hate cleaning the bathroom. I do it because I have to.

7. I wish my sisters and I were closer. I see sisters who are each others best friends and I wish we had that--but our personalities are so very different. I'm lucky in that I do get along with my sisters and that I have some wonderful awesome friends--but I sometimes wish for more.

8. Everyone knows this--I miss my dad terribly. He really was the support behind me and even if everything else was falling apart, I knew he would be there. I do believe he is up in heaven guiding me now, but I sure wish I could talk to him.

Well, made it through. Both cheerful and sad. Must be the "paper pregnancy hormones". Oh--and one more--I'm so glad to know that my sister is giving me a niece to spoil! Everyone should have both a boy and girl to experience that! I can't wait for baby girl Sheridan to arrive!

Ok--who's next????


TheMom said...

You're supposed to actually tag people, JP. No one takes that up willingly ;)

janiece said...

well I just tagged you then smarty pants!!!

TheMom said...

Gah! One of these days maybe I'll get smarter.