Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter and Rauan's Birthday

The kids are so grown up--and I think Rauan might actually be taller then Julia! Easter was great. Church, family for lunch and then just a nice peaceful afternoon. Occasionally interrupted by extremely sugared up children bouncing off the walls.
2 days later we celebrated Rauan turning 7. 7 already! We travelled to the Chicago area to Medevil Times. What a blast!!!! The photo is the kids with the Green knight--who was our champion. Chewie was hilarious. He bounced and did jabs and moves along with the knights. He actually forgot to eat he was so into the entertainment! Rauan "almost" forgot to eat. Growing boy who loves food!

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Mala said...

Did you know that now that you've gone underground, I don't get updates of your new posts. *smacks forehead*

Sounds like a super fun birthday!!! Great pictures! Such beautiful kids.

I'm off to play catch-up now.