Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Super busy couple of days! Stayed at home Friday and finished getting the trampoline up. Julia recovered enough to enjoy it. Saturday--Easter Egg Hunt at St. Dennis. This is the last year that Julia could do it--so I'm so glad she felt better! Of course that would be the only day in the last week that was chilly! Then busted our butts to get our house reasonably clean for family coming up on Sunday. Easter --sunny start with a quick thunderstorm midday. The children looked so adorable--and we actually have flowers growing!
Tomorrow is Rauan's birthday. Can you believe he will be 7?? I can't. The time is flying by. We've started the process to change Alihan's age. Everything about him screams 5, not almost 7. Mentally, physically--he's 5. I really do think his birth certificate was altered.


Mala said...

Wow! Really? 5? He's gonna thank you when he's 50... errr, I mean 48! But I think 18 and 21 may be a different story.
But seriously, while you're at it, mind changing mine? I have my kids convinced I'm 21. Hey, they ask how old I am... I answered.

Shannon said...

How cute are they in their dress clothes?!?!