Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chicago visit

None of the children have ridden a train yet--and Chicago at Christmas is something to see. Plus the Metra on the weekend is $5 per adult all weekend--no charge for kids 12 and under. So much easier and cheaper then driving into Chicago, paying tolls, and then paying for parking. So, off to Harvard and ride the train to the downtown--right in the heart of everything! The outdoor market was a madhouse--I couldn't stand it. So outta there! We walked into Macy's where Queen Latifiah was there for the release of her new product--yep, outta there too. Rauan was "STARVING" as always. So where did we end up to eat? McDonalds. The boy is always hungry. Of course, that lead to later where he kept announcing numerous times that he "has to poop"--much to the amusement of people close to us. And a huge search for a bathroom! So, we headed towards Lake Michigan and the parks close by. Then down Michigan Ave. Where I finally dragged Miss Julia away from the American Girl store with the promise of ice cream--after an hour I might mention! It's a cult I swear. I wish I had been able to get pictures of the kids when they first say the skyscrapers. Their eyes were huge. I think that's one of the few times that Rauan and Chewie were at a loss of words. We finally got back to Harvard around 11 pm. Yes--very tired kids! We walked the whole time. Incredible!The skyline as the sun was setting. Perfect day--high 40s, sun shining.
Can you believe they still have leaves on the trees? Weird weather!
Another skyscraper--and bare trees.
Julia peeking around a sign.
Aren't they adorable?
Me, trying to be creative at the famous "bean"
How many kids do I have???
Let's see how small we can get under the bean.
Chewie was crazy over the dinosaurs!!

In other news, Julia is going to have her palate expander put in next week. First separators to get some space between her teeth, then a 2 step appt. next week for the palate expander to be placed, then weekly appts. I also have to get her into the eye doctor. I think my princess might need glasses.
I also ask for some prayers for my friend Stephanie and her family. Her brother Chad has been having headaches and after testing, a mass has been found in 2 spots. A biopsy was done last week and the results will be in tomorrow. I've known Stephanie and her family for most of my life. Chad has a young family and they need their dad. So, please--prayers. I've seen the power of prayer and I'm asking for that miracle again.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

What a fun trip. You are a brave woman, indeed.

Hilary Marquis said...

What a fun adventure! More to do than in Nebraska, huh? The kids are growing like weeds! I'll be praying for your friends. Nothing more powerful than prayer ;)

janiece said...

Hilary--I came to Nebraska to see you not the sights! I'd much rather travel to see a friend any day--whatever sights I see then are that much better.