Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, since part of the purpose of this blog is education-I decided to put in a few pictures of Julia's palate expander. See that little hole in the middle? I put a hook in it twice a day and turn it until the next hole shows--1/4 rotation of the screw each time. This is actually the completed version of palate expander #1. This is going to stay in place until Feb. 9 when Julia will have another 2 appts. in one day. This will be removed, another plaster made and a second palate expander put in. See that bump up there to the right--kind of where there is a purple tinge? Yep--that's one of those 3 or 4 teeth is--and there is one popping through. I need to get stuff set up for the oral surgeon--see what can be saved and what needs to go. I'm hoping for oral surgery to take place during spring break--less school missed without any pressure, etc. Let's see what kind of luck I have with that!
And now this is one of my lovely views at my home, post Christmas! Twister anyone?? That's Ted's big foot and hairy leg--I do shave occasionally!
What do I see every night when I go check on the boys? Even through they have 2 beds and Rauan complains constantly about Chewie bugging him at night?? Yeah--the two curled up in Rauan's bed--and usually that because we hear Rauan telling Chewie to come into bed with him. Now if they could only be that good of friends in the daytime!
My little angels! One with a heck of contorted neck--how Chewie could be comfortable like that is beyond me!


J-momma said...

hey, i have a question. mateo had a cleft lip and palate (bilateral and pretty severe). he really has a hard time saying certain sounds and it makes it very difficult to understand his speech. some speech therapist told me he may not be able to make certain sounds until he has more surgery when he gets older. is this true for your kids? has julia had her 8 yr old bone graft surgery yet? can any of your kids say "f", "y", or "L"? i'm not sure if his articulation issues are cleft related or something else. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

by the way, my dh and i totally love reading about your cleft stuff because it's less scary seeing someone else go through it. sorry. you're our guinea pigs. :)

you can email me if it's easier.

Mala said...

Julia has my sympathies. I went through years of braces, retainers and a couple other contraptions that I think the orthodontist made up just to be a sadist, but none that looked as uncomfy as that thing. eek.

The picture of the boys are too cute.

Hilary Marquis said...

Poor princess...that is a lot of doctors, procedures & surgeries. She is one strong little girl, I admire her courage! (Mommy's too) As for the boys, that look VERY familiar ;) Why do i have 2 beds again?

adoptedthree said...

How interesting to see a palate expander. I have adopted three children too and one a cleft affected girl (you can see her story in March 2006 here http://itsagirlseyler.spaces.live.com )