Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Got snow?

Welcome to the wonderful world of winter in Wisconsin. So it started snowing yesterday, then it really hit about 5 pm. We lost power about 3 am (including heat and I'm a wimp) and finally got it back around 10 am. According to MG and E, power went out at 8 pm for some and they weren't sure when they would have it back. So, I'm grateful its on now. So, Ted made ghetto coffee this am, ended up killing the snowblower while going through 17 inches of heavy blowing snow. Thank goodness for shovels and children--they think its playtime to shovel--hahaha--I predict a few years down the road the story will be different! The Christmas show--delayed until the 18th--at least late am and I won't miss it. I was damn near in tears yesterday with the thought that I might miss it, especially after Julia said to me "but mom I've been practicing so much to show you!"
So, here's Wisconsin right now. FYI--its still snowing. What a change from 10 days ago.
Out the front door--and yes, that is our next door neighbor's house--the one who likes to "entertain" in a tent in his back yard. One benefit of heavy snow--the tent collapsed. Yes, the siding is off--I have no idea what he is doing. Trust me--around here I don't need tv for entertainment.
Across the street. So much for the decorations. That's the neighbor shoveling--a hard working family. Actually kind of boring compared to some around here--I like boring.
At least the fence in the backyard is holding up. Belle was smart and waited for Loki to blaze a trail for her. Otherwise I would be digging her out. And these are snow dogs!!!


Shannon said...

Bad day for snowblowers! Ours totally died this morning, too. First the wheel fell off and Kevin fixed it, then after a couple more runs, it quit completely. Unfortunately, my kids aren't quite old enough for shovels. ;) I think we have about 15 inches here - nice to be huddled up inside baking (and eating) cookies today!

Mala said...

Must be some sort of curse on snowblowers. Ours just died about an hour ago, half way through the job! 3 weeks to fix! I'm hoping for 70's tomorrow so it'll all go away.
(yeah I know I'm dreaming)

Lisa said...

You can keep that snow JP. Paul says "that's beautiful". I think he means "I'm glad Ted has to shovel it and not me."