Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween, birthday parties and all that

It has been an interesting couple of weeks around here.  Besides the normal craziness, I developed a rather nasty case of the flu.  To top it off, the kids killed the computer.  So here I was home, going stir crazy because I had a fever, but wasn't really that sick, no computer and then the kids were home for a couple of days with no school (teacher conferences).  HAHA--Ted had to do the parent teacher conferences.  Sr. Eileen said that Rauan--while and extremely sweet little boy, has a bit of a smart mouth.  Hummmm--imagine that???  

For some reason I can't type under the photos to talk about them.  And I can't get rid of the underline and blue.  Hummm--more things to play with.  Anyways, first photo is one of my "fall" pictures"--of course the one with Bubba's eyes closed.  Oh well.  Second one is Julia and Henry--this one just cracked me up.  It was a jet rider game--and both of their little cheeks were just jiggling away!  Everyone cracked up watching them!  Third one is my beautiful baby sister with her beautiful baby boy--playing Deal or No Deal.  Interesting game concept.  Then Mr. Handsome.  Need I say more--except that is the happiest kid I think I have ever seen.  Last photo--trick or treating.  Some hair there huh? 

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Mala said...

I LOVE your new FB picture! So cute.

And kudos to you for figuring your way out around the new MacBook. Me and my new Dell are taking it SLOOOOW (I keep sneaking back to the old Dell when I need to get something done without feeling brand new to the whole laptop-thing!