Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moving on

To more important things: Janiece and her camera. Ok--I have the money saved for tuition. Wouldn't you think I would keep putting my HospiceCare money away? YEAH RIGHT!! (actually yes--but.....). Today I invested in the the fancy dancy 580EX Speedlight. I don't have the faintest clue how to use it--but give me time. Shhhheeeessssshhhhh---don't tell anyone--but Bucky Badger is going to be at the Polar Caps Fall Frolic. If you think I'm not going to use the camera for that--yeah--you know me better then that. My understanding, limited that it is, is that because the ice arena is a bit dark--the flash attached to the camera isn't enough. So--since I plan on doing this for a long time (or as Ted put it--if you don't I'm shoving that camera right up your a--, he found out how much the flash was)--I want something that will last for a while. Good thing I'm working that second job to pay for my new habit! So here are some photos before I bought the flash. Don't ask me why--but I love how the colors jump here.
Two of my favorite subjects--gotta say I love my boys! Chewie is loving kindergarten and Rauan--well, genius boy is thriving.

Oh Hell no! Here's my luck--guess who likes football?

Yeah--I've seen this pose before. And while he might be best quarterback ever--going to the Vikings did not endear him to me. Plus, Rauan is waaaayyyy cuter! All you girls out there--momma is first love and you've gotta get through the beautiful lass in the picture below (and those are some mighty tough standards!)

All I can say to this is damn she's beautiful! Both physically and emotionally. While my girl does have a bit of a temper (stop laughing Ted) she's is the most loving caring sweetest person ever. And I'm starting to call her the animal whisperer. Incredible.
In other news--God bless Unity health insurance and the wonderful UWHC. Everything with the palate expansion is covered. Bad news is major oral surgery ahead after palate expansion. Then the other news. Follow up on Chewie. They can't figure out why is voice is hoarse. No nodules, funny stuff on his voice box. Which does leave me to believe--yeah something was damaged there in his abusive past. Assholes--and other nasty words. Then--the ENT told me that after seeing the film--he most likely does have a submucosal cleft. This can mean a little or alot. He is going to do some speech therapy starting Sept 23 and we'll go from there. And every 6 months monitoring.
Ok--while I don't mean to bitch, I'm going to. This basically means every 12 days out of 14 I'll either be working or taking the kids to some kind of medical thing. I love my job and I love my kids--but this sucks majorly. I signed up for this why????
I love my kids--is there any more explanation then that? I would walk over broken glass and fire to help them reach their full potential.

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Mala said...

Fabulous pictures!

Beck starts speech therapy next week. He did testing last week for 2 very long hours (for me... not him. I rocked it!) and he tested cognitively at the age of a 6 year old... not bad for a 4 year old who's only been here for 2 years! Little bugger is smart as a whip!

Anyway, I just wanted to add how beautiful Julia is! You can see her gentle spirit in her eyes!