Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Janiece is ranting

Ok I've just about had it with all this politic BS. At this rate I'm going to get kicked out of the Catholic church--but you know what, I'm not too sure that matters anymore. I'm a little sick of a bishop that "orders" us about. God gave us free will--time to use it. Jesus gave "lessons"--guidance--not orders. Yeah--some boneheads didn't listen--but again free will! And thank you our friendly neighborhood bishop--yes I am female and believe it or not I do have a brain.
First of all--what the hell is this crap about banning a tv broadcast by our president? I don't care about his right to life issues (another discussion people)--isn't he our leader and don't we want to know what he is doing about leading our country? I "get" having the 6th grade and under crowd not seeing/hearing it--but come on. Isn't this a great chance to help form those little minds and "guide" them--whatever your belief system is? Free will people! Yes all parents should have the right to say "Hell no my child isn't watching this" Ok--well Joe--Pollyanna is playing right down the hall and Joe Jr. can see that. I'm sorry, Bishop, but just as you believe you deserve respect, so does our president. And by you dissing him--you just dissed yourself.
Second of all--this health care shit is exactly that. Death squads? Give me a break. For the average person out there who lives in their Pollyanna world--ok yeah those don't exist. But the reality is--everytime someone needs healthcare--things are judged. And that isn't just an insurance thing--age, state of health, compliance--all of that plays into what can be done. Don't like--sorry. That's reality. We want health care improvement? Ok let's do it from the start--prenatal. And for you big businesses out there that want your tax credits and crap--blow it out your ear. These are your future customers and employees. Pay now or pay later big boys. It's cheaper to pay now. Every pregnant woman should have prenatal care. Period. End of discussion. All children should have adequate health care. Period. End of discussion. Once that issue is resolved--let's move on up. But we can't build a good health care system without setting up a good foundation--and that's our children. The children are being allowed to fall through the cracks. And don't give me that BS about doing the best we can. If we are doing the best we can I wouldn't be seeing some of the shit I'm seeing--and I'm not seeing the worst of it. Those ER nurses go through their own living hell and I don't know how they do it. You have my admiration.
Alright I'm sure this is enough to fire alot of people up. Good. God gave you a brain--use it. Time to put our big girl panties on and get to work. Or for another popular saying of mine (yes--I know its a cliche--and Ted hears it alot) shit or get off the pot!

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Julie and John Wright said...

Listen closely and you will hear the ecco of Martin Luther's hammer as he nails his thesus to the door ! Janice don't get discouraged ... keep your eye's on the one that is always right....
Blessings John