Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chewie's first day of kindergarten

So, he's off and I no longer have children in the house during the day. It hasn't hit yet--but I'm sure it will. After I get all the errands done, the house cleaned (finally!), etc. Of course in the next week, Chewie has 2 MD appts. One for his physical (shots too poor kid) and then a f/u with speech and ENT. Chewie was the hardest for me. I think I said the same thing last year--but then he was only gone for 2 hours every other day. I don't know--Julia was so excited to start school, plus then kindergarten was half day. Rauan needed to go--that mind of his needs more stimulation then we can provide. But Chewie--full day kindergarten and my last baby. There will be no more sending a child off to school for the first time. While he is thriving, momma is realizing just how quiet the house will be. Anyways, he LOVES school--loves his classroom, loves that he takes his lunch to school just like his big brother and sister and what made him the happiest--he got chocolate milk for lunch!!


bella1021 said...

awe poor momma.... hugs!!!

Mala said...

*gulp* my turn comes next fall. I'm in denial. How are you doing?

janiece said...

AAAHHHHH! Well Bev, I woke up exhausted this am and after I dropped all the kids off at school I came home and went to back to bed--and slept for over 2 hours until Ted called to wake me t tell me something! It was fricking awesome! 7 years since I've done something like that. Other then that--I've been so busy I haven't had time to appreciate it yet. Let's see what the next couple of weeks bring.