Monday, September 14, 2009

More photos and a palate update

Ahhh, the life of playing flag football.
And the cutest football player there!

Julia and Allie (neighbor girl) walking back from the sandbox. Playground and....

ice cream afterwards. Makes for a perfect Monday night. Monday night football doesn't have anything on us!
Palate update. So, Julia needs her palate expanded. Ok, not that unusual in a cleft-affected child. But (there's always that but), first braces to straighten out some back teeth in order to hold the palate expander in place--approximately 5 months. Then to palate expansion--which hers needs to be expanded quite a bit--approximately 1 to 2 months. Then (and this is what makes me cringe) oral surgery to remove those extra teeth in her cleft area and since her 6 year old molar is stuck-a little gum removal to see if that will help bring it through. If it doesn't--yeah, more oral surgery. My poor baby--but she's tough. Then the mention came of jaw surgery down the line--since her underbite is fairly significant. We'll see. She'll have full facial growth by that time (ie late teens) and that will be her decision. Next up Rauan as his 6 year old molars come in. Our insurance company is going to love us! (said very sarcastically)

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