Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So, we're off for fingerprinting tomorrow. Wish us luck cause my hands are so dry from work that who knows what the quality will be!! Last time we were there, my hands were so dry, the lady who was doing the fingerprints looked at my hands, put a bunch of corn huskers lotion on my hands and told me to start rubbing it in. After she scanned a couple other people, then I got fingeprinted. Learned something new that day! Otherwise, the homestudy stuff is done. She's dictating everything this week. Part of the dossier is together. Next week, I'm taking all the medical paperwork to my doctor in Cambridge. After seeing everything she is going to have to write, I have to be super nice to her. Good thing I've known her for so long! My goal is to have everything in on Dec. 15--if not sooner. Let's see how quick the approval comes after fignerprinting!

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Marnie said...

Our approval came pretty quickly and we had to file an extension at the end of our 18 months. That only tool a week. I have decided that everything happens the way it is supposed in the "Grand Plan".