Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Now we know it's going to happen!!!!

As most of you know, Ted and I change vehicles for work--trade vehicles, trade off shifts. Basically who has the kids has the truck, who goes to work has the car. Yes, it's all about the kids!
So, yesterday, Ted pulls in and I head out to the car. Turn the key--NOTHING!!! Not one fricking thing! So, quick phone call to work to tell them I would be late, woke up Rauan, and pushed the car out of the driveway. Ted drove the truck over the lawn (thank goodness it wasn't too wet!) and off to work we went. The car got towed later. This am got the call and yeah--not a cheap repair. So, yes this is the norm. With Julia the clutch went out on the vehicle on the off ramp of Hwy. 30, with Rauan something happened--I think it was the buick again (was that when the engine blew up?) and now this! Just a sign that God likes to give us the challenge that we'll manage no matter what. Of course, I keep saying it could have been me going to the car after work at midnight, freezing my bottom off in Lot 60! So goes life!
So, yes, slight delay on getting the dossier done. I was going to do some running today. Yeah--not happening. Julia has surgery on Thursday--so that's the rest of the week. Next Tuesday, I get to display my craniofacial nursing skills to the Wisconsin lactation consultants--and hope I don't get booed out of the room! Holy moly--where does the time go??? We filed our I600, so once we get fingerprinted I'm going to bust my butt to get everything done because apparently alot of this paperwork is only good for 3 months. Sitting at the police station with 2 kids can't be much fun--did it with 1 and I didn't like that. And she was only 2 and easily entertained!

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