Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School's out

Pictures are coming!
Well last week was quite busy. Rauan got terribly sick. We thought he had recovered and he went to stay with my mom for a couple of days--but then when I picked him up on Thursday, feverish again and pretty worn out. Off to urgent care, where I'm sorry, but I dealt with a bitch of a doctor. First of all, I'm not stupid---of course I didn't send him to school. Second off all, he was looking alot better on Tuesday that's why I wasn't concerned. He has a history of doing 2 days of high fevers with vomiting and then he's better. He did that a couple of times this past winter. She kept saying swine flu, but wouldn't take the test--and she wasn't going to do a chest xray until I insisted. Guess what? Pneumonia. Stick that in your ear doctor that should know better and needs to learn to listen to the parents. As I have said before--obviously she didn't train at MY hospital because she would have known better!
Ok off that rant. With some zithromax on board--plus the lecture from my husband and my mom that we NEEDED to get away, we left on Friday for Door County. Yes--we kept Rauan lying low. Amazingly enough--no more fevers. We meet up with friends and played with the horses and out on Whitefish Dunes beach. Chewie rode a horse for the first time! Came home Sunday and they played their last soccer game. Rauan played just a little bit. Monday was the first swimming lesson. Just Julia and Chewie. Rauan didn't want swimming lessons--so why force the issue. Speaking of forcing the issue--Julia absolutely is refusing to take skating lessons this summer. She just doesn't want to. So, I just ate $100 or so, but I don't want her to feel like she missed her childhood and spent her time at an ice arena all summer long. Ted and I had quite the "discussion" (aka "fight" "disagreement" "I lectured and he listened and wasn't allowed to interrupt me"). I refuse to push any of the kids in sports--in any way shape or form. I support--and write the checks--but I won't push.
I'm so glad summer is finally here. And I already have a couple of Saturday nights set up with a babysitter. I actually get date night again!!!

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