Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bedtime Adventures

HA--got you with that title huh? Well, the saga continues. Got the new railings and guess what? Didn't work. They aren't the hook on ones, which our headboard and footboard require. So, the salesperson finds something that will work. Ok fine. Then Ted says--just a second, are we piece mealing this? This is what caused problems before(previous bed with expanders to make it into a queen, which caused damage to our boxspring). So, off we go to the sales floor. Got the matching headboard and footboard--snd since the boxspring is pretty much shot--new mattress and boxspring. Of course, we ended up getting a REALLY GOOD set--which means a really HIGH price. Well, with Ted's shoulders and the issues I had over the years from back injuries (fall, car accident--and the years lifting heavy patients), we need something decent. And I'm ssssooooo sick of our bed squeaking if we so much as move a foot (minds out of the gutter people!)--this should hopefully resolve it. So--complete new bed on Tuesday. And yes, I had the money to pay for it. There is a reason for that second job!


Mala said...

Woot! Congrats on the new bed! Best wishes for many years of squeek-free moving (in a total non-gutter sort of way, of course!)

Maria said...

Sadly, the only place my mind went with the title was to the fact that someone else couldn't get their kids to sleep either -- ahhhh... the life of a mom. Now, the squeaking? Well, that was another story. *smile* Congrats on your new bed!!