Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Weekend

Made it through Christmas--barely!  Julia managed to blow out a stitch on her bone graft sometime on Christmas Eve day.  Thankfully, I'm in contact with Dr. Del (via facebook no less!) and soft diet--no brushing on the incision area, calm down--no beating on her brothers etc.  We've been doing all that--so not sure what else to do.  Pray?  This am she looks 100% better.  So time will tell if it took.  Geez, only 2 more to do after this!!

Christmas Eve mass, Julia was our swollen Christmas angel--the boys were shepherds again.  I only got pictures of Rauan's butt.  Christmas am--up bright and early.  The kids were in heaven--except Julia was mad--no candy canes or airheads.  I promised her I would save her some.  That calmed her down--for a few minutes.  That Russian temper!!!  After "brunch"  I went back to bed for an hour.  Ted worked at setting up the new computer.  Ted and the boys went out to play pond hockey with the Rottiters--Julia laid on the couch and played with Chewie's new leapster.  The boys came home and we took the wild dogs for a walk.  They were still wild.  Steak for dinner--for us.  Mac N Cheese for the princess.  Today, we are going to my sister's and have little Christmas celebration.  

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Mala said...

Julia makes a precious angel!!!! Hope she continues to recover and enjoys her vacation.