Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bone Graft

Currently at the hospital with Julia.  Bone graft done today and she is gorked.  She had issues last time--so they let her sleep off the anesthesia instead of doing a reversal in the OR--and 10 hours later she is still sleepy.  I'm not complaining---I'm a big believer in sleep.  We had tears starting right in the preop area when she knew she was going back, but luckily one of the ladies in child life--whom I'm lucky enough to work with--knew she was coming and helped prep her(thanks Heather!)  I carried her back to the OR and held her in my arms until she went under.  Yes--that is common practice here at AFCH--I'm proud of my hospital for being a leader in this practice.  Who else better to comfort their child besides the parent??  But I digress.  As always, best nurses, technician, doctors ever!!  Besides the bone graft--which involved taking a little bit of bone from her hip and transferring it to her gumline--she also had tubes placed in her ears.  Her hearing has steadily gone downhill in the past 2 years.  So--time for tubes before it gets worse.  She woke up very nicely in the PACU (thanks Katie!).  We transferred up to P4 and have had great nursing staff--Claude, Sarah and Kristen so far.  IV antibiotics and a full liquid diet.  She loved the tomato soup!  Some nausea and a dose of zofran--great drug!  Visitors today also--Olivia and her mom, Ms. Troia, and then friends of ours, the Freys, sent a balloon and stuffed dog.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful people around us--friends, family, and a wonderful group of coworkers.
So, above is Julia before--modeling her new pedicure and hairstyle--and after.

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Mala said...

Wishing Miss Julia a continued speedy recovery!