Saturday, January 15, 2011

How the Hell do I get out of this soap opera???

If you are ever bored, come join my clan.  Boredom never happens here.  Well, as you know, the MRI originally found a chiari malformation and some enlarged ventricles.  This past week, Chewie went in for a more extensive MRI--to check for a cyst in his spine--and for, what I thought, was just a 24 hours stay with a special monitor in his skull (ICP monitoring)--yes, that does involve drilling a hole in his skull--actually 2--one for going into his head and one for the monitor to go out.  Due to the stress and everything--to prevent burnout, I broke down and told Ted he had to stay overnight.  So, the MRI was late starting.  I left to pick up the kids at school, Ted stayed.  Chewie went to the pediatric ICU after the monitor was placed.  And didn't wake up until 10pm!!  The Badger Hockey players came by and he didn't even wake up for that--I thought he would be pissed--but he was cool with the picture he got and the signed program.  Anyways, once awake he stayed up until 3:30 am.  Ted basically got no sleep because the ICP monitor kept going off--his pressures were going up.  I came back the next am and stayed the day.  The doctor decided to keep him one more day for monitoring.  The final result: hydrocephalus.  Wonderful (said with much sarcasm).  What to do now??  Well, we don't know if that is the cause of the developmental delays.  Due to the fact that he HAS been improving with the ADHD meds and really he isn't having any other symptoms--the initial decision is to wait and do serial neuropsych test to watch for cognitive loss.  Back to fighting with the insurance company for neuropsych.  For some reason I don't think its going to be a problem this time!  So, the monitor came out--and staples went in--and Chewie screamed----loudly.  He's back home now.  I personally am just worn out.  Between Chewie, Julia, Rauan upset because he isn't getting enough attention, a puppy that chews, an absolutely filthy house, and 2 jobs--and not to mention some of the other crap in my family--I'm burnt out.  I want off this soap opera, merry go round, crazy mixed up life.  Whoever said God only gives you what you can take was totally FULL OF SHIT!!! 

So, what now?  We go on.  Decisions are made and we continue to move onward to give Chewie, Rauan and Julia the opportunity to live to their fullest potential. 


Shannon said...

I'm so sorry. Geez you guys need a break! How's the vacation search coming?! Lord knows you're going to need one this summer! If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Mala said...

Thinking of you guys! I hope you get some well deserved R+R soon!!!