Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How much more?

Today was Chewie's appointment with neurosurgery.  Which was fine because I highly admire this doctor and if we have to do anything with neurosurgery--he is the only one touching my kid!  Anyways, there because of the chiari malformation.  Now here I am thinking he is going to tell me--this in minor, don't worry about it, check back in a year.  Yeah right.  A pediatric nurse should never think about stuff with her kids.  We can judge accurately.  I knew his ventricles were slightly enlarged--but didn't really give it a second thought.  Apparently, I should have--he is concerned.  And he also wants to check for a cyst in Chewie's spinal column.  Excuse my English--but FUCKING A!!!  What the hell else???  Son of a bitch. Can the other shoe stop dropping now???  I think I must have looked like a deer in the headlights.  What this means is another MRI under sedation.  And along with that--24 hours minimum of intra cranial pressure monitoring on Chewie's brain.  Which is the PICU--a place I have worked, but not overly fond of.   Lisa, a friend of mine, is also the nurse working there and sat down and explained alot of this to me.  Thank God--again I was the deer in the headlights going "huh?"  So, Chewie is starting to get this look on his face and I'm thinking--what the hell am I going to say to my new manager--who doesn't really know my situation except I'm the freak that freaked out when her dog died 2 weeks ago (and had alot of shit this past year--yeah--my available time off is next to nil)?  Shit shit shit!!!  So, after I'm done--and told they will call with a date and time for all of this--upstairs I head to talk to my new manager.  Who, thank goodness, is incredibly understanding and wonders why I am concerned about telling her about this?  Then, heading home, Chewie bursts into tears and is scared of the "big machine" (MRI).  Lovely.  So, he is supposed to see the psychiatrist in January.  Guess what--as soon as I know the timing for the MRI--I'm calling and making the appointment for just before that.
And to add to the fun times in my life--our supposedly neutered puppy isn't neutered.  The rescue group was told that the clinic neutered him--but the clinic didn't because he has one testicle that is hiding and they were waiting for it to drop.  Only in the Pritchard family does this crap seem to happen.
Where the hell is my Korbel again???


Mala said...

I don't know what that all means (and I've been banned from WebMD), but please know I'm sending all of you hugs and positive vibes.

Shannon said...

I am so sorry! Geez - poor kid. It sucks, but as you already know, you have the BEST doctor in charge of his Neurosurgical care. Is he putting in an EVD to monitor his pressures?