Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation Day 4

On Monday we drove to Split Rock Lighthouse, which was a bit of a drive. Split Rock Lighthouse is currently celebrating its 100th birthday---so needless to say--busy! Not to mention expensive. For the 5 of us, it would have cost around $35 to tour the light house. Like the kids really would be that interested--well Rauan maybe, but not the other 2. So, we hiked the trails and I took pictures from a distance. Hwy. 61 is being rebuilt too--so there was blasting going on while we hiked. Every once in a while we felt quite the vibration shaking through our feet.
That pretty much covered our whole day, except of course to return to our wonderful cabin to enjoy the waves and look at the beautiful full moon.

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Shannon said...

I am so enjoying "being" on vacation with you! We're going to have to add that area to our list of places to visit!