Monday, May 3, 2010

First Communion

Yes, yesterday was the day. My princess received first communion. Here's a few select pictures of the day. On the left is a photo of Julia with her godmother Kelly and Kelly's husband Karl. I tried to find a selection of others to give some ideas of the day--Julia with Levi, Julia with a bunch of her friends from school--and of course, Julia with her brothers!

It was a wonderful day. Everyone was able to make it--including Uncle Josh (didn't have to work--he's a PA for one of the emergency rooms) along with Aunt Tisha and the cousins, Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Suzanne and family (Chicago), Michelle, Colton and Levi. Mamaw and Grandpa weren't there physically--but we know they were looking down from heaven and smiling.
The weather, despite a bit of wind, was absolutely lovely--especially for Wisconsin in spring. My first one--bittersweet. I'm glad I kept busy with the camera--otherwise there would have been tears!


Mala said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!
Morgan's First Communion is this Sunday. While looking at your wonderful pictures, I realized she needs a veil!!!! D'OH! This is all new territory to me!

*running like a mad woman to find a veil*

Hilary Marquis said...

She is just beautiful! And the boys look so handsome all dressed up. How long did it take for them to be full of dirt?